What is Akamai CDN ?

What is CDN(Content Delivery Network) :-

CDN used for websites to work faster by distributing content from locations close to the users.

Akamai CDN: In Order to use caching service from Akamai, Website should be point to Akamai DNS.

Request for domain changes:

  1. A record for the domain should be pointing to the Load Balancer ip.

And other hand webserver side a redirection should be there to point it to Akamai.

  1. CNAME record for the example.com should be pointing to Akamai.

There are two types of CNAME for Akamai.

  • Edgekey

CNAME is provided by Akamai when the website is supposed to use ssl.

For eg: example.edgekey.net

And in this case the domain ssl will be hosted at Akamai. CNAME is like a SAN holding the certificates for the domains in querry.

  • Edgesuite

Edgesuite can be created from the Akamai portal which is used when the domain querry is not a ssl enabled website.

eg:  example.edgesuite.net



For each configuration in Akamai for a website we have to define an origin domain name. Domain is very important for Akamai to know from where to fetch the content. Hence the dns for the origin domain must point to the load balancer ip.




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